PHP Auto Video: Build your Video Website in 5 min

PHP Auto Video is a small script written in php that allows you to build your video website easily. It connects to Youtube through their API v3 to retrieve videos from their servers and display them in your own website. Just choose the categories you want to show and create a custom video site in minutes. No MySQL database needed, works great even in free hosting services

Download is Free for everyone wanting to create a custom video site in a matter of minutes with no effort or hard-to-use CMS

Use PHP Auto Video to create your own Video Website

Is just a matter of minutes to have it up and running,
just edit a single file, upload and you are set

  • Easy Configuration

    Unzip, open the configuration file with a text editor, change the default values to your own and upload via FTP. Thats all. No MySQL database required or anything else

  • Thousand of videos ready

    PHP Auto Video connects to Youtube servers using the last v3 API to retrieve videos based on tags and searches, showing them in your website as a Gallery.

  • SEO optimized

    Every page generated by the script will show domain, category, tags & video title making an extremely friendly URL. Search engines will love to index your pages based on this structure

  • No hosting extras, just PHP

    Script will run even in free hosting providers offering basic PHP functions since it doesnt need any other reqs. No database needed to run it, it creates webpages on the fly using SEO friendly URLs (standard htaccess required)

  • Costs nothing, Its Free

    PHP Auto Video is 100% free to use as you want, no limits. Run it in your own new domain, or a stablished site, it can be installed in a subdomain or 2nd level folder. Use it in 1 site or 100, you choose. I just ask you to keep the footer link pointing to this website, thats all (doesnt look to be too much, right?)

  • Download with Gusme.ID

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Installation Instructions

Extract to your local computer
Open config.php file with a text editor (wordpad, notepad, etc)
Change the default values to yours, is self explanatory
Save the config.php file
Upload everything to your server by FTP
Done !!

Check the Demo Site

Click the Demo button to launch the online demo site Done !!

Check Demo

Download PHP Auto Video

Click the button below to get the zip file containing the full script
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